council FLy tipping and illegal waste solution

Advanced image recognition technology used to speed service, accurately allocate resource,
saving the city time & money.

Local authorities are reporting an increase in fly tipping incidents. In some cases upwards of 84%.
Managing this illegal activity is costly, taxing valuable council time and resource.

GOV: Built by Councils for Councils

THE challenge

Illegal dumping of rubbish is a problem for municipalities around the world. This was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the closure of council recycling sites, leading to a big increase in cases.

Swindon Borough Council in the UK was struggling to deal with 300 incidents a month, with incoming reports often providing only approximate locations and vague descriptions of how much rubbish needed to be cleared.

The council needed a better way for citizens to report this dumped rubbish. And it needed a way to improve the efficiency of its overworked clear-up teams who relied on printouts provided by the web team.

built by councils for councils

Swindon Council does not have a big DevOps team, or a big budget to spend on complex systems. But working with AWS services, found an ingenious and affordable way to solve both these challenges.

The Solution

The Swindon fly tipping solution is an open source, highly secure, AWS cloud solution.

  • The solution provides flexibility. This means it allows you to implement as a full end to end solution or integrate only the components you require to enhance your existing web front end and back office processes.
  • The solution draws upon advanced image recognition applications with deep learning capabilities to analyse and identify items within images of reported incidents.
  • Once identified the solution calls upon one of the largest global logistics and asset management databases to determine the characteristics of each item.
  • In turn route scheduling and resource allocation can be directly reported or provisioned through seamless integration with existing GIS, Case Management or CRM applications.

City council BENEFITS

NO Annual License fees 

No risk no obligation usage.

98% Positive 

Feedback from citizens

Open Source

Means you have control over your solutions and your data


£30,000 in savings per annum. 

Service improvement

clean up time reduced from 10 days to 4

More sustainable

Built using serverless, only consumes power when used

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