75 ways for a city council to effectively communicate with their community.

A council wide service that enables any member to utilise machine translation capabilities to translate documents and content, accurately, quickly and more cost effectively than traditional methods.

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The Challenge

Today, more than 300 different languages are spoken in Britain. In England alone, over 20% of primary school children use English as an additional language.

As our cities and regions become more cosmopolitan, effectively communicating with non-English speaking residents is challenging for councils given their budgetary constraints.

Swindon, with a population of 200,000 citizens, had to be extremely selective when translating documents beyond the necessary medical and legal content due to cost. This led them to work in partnership and develop a council wide, cost effective, translation application.

  • I would understand if written in Polish -  Zrozumiałbym, gdyby był napisany po polsku?
  • It would be clearer if I read in Urdu - اردو میں پڑھوں تو بات واضح ہو جائے گی۔

The Solution

Swindon’s Translate solution is an open source, highly secure, AWS cloud solution.

  • The solution draws upon AWS’s neural machine translation, a form of language translation automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural translation than traditional statistical and rule-based algorithms.
  • The solution is highly functional, catering for up to 76 languages, exclusion lists for proper nouns, custom terminology to define how your organisation’s taxonomy and other unique terms get translated, PII identification, interdepartmental billing and all delivered within 10 minutes per translation.

Would you prefer to read in Punjabi? Kī tusīṁ pajābī vica paṛhanā pasada karōgē?

City council BENEFITS

NO Annual License fees 

No risk no obligation usage.

98% Positive 

Feedback from citizens

Open Source

Means you have control over your solutions and your data


£64,000 in savings per annum. 

Translation Time

3 days to just 10 minutes

More sustainable

Built using serverless, only consumes power when used

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