Case study

Meath County Council Build their Environmental IoT Data Platform all in AWS

Welcome to Trim, Meath County, Ireland

Nestled in the Eastern Midland region of Ireland, Meath County is a place of rich history and natural beauty.

It ranks as Ireland's 14th largest county by land area and the 8th most populous. Among its notable towns, Trim stands out for its remarkable collection of medieval monuments, with King John's Castle being the crowning jewel.

The castle, Europe's largest Anglo-Norman stronghold, even played a role in the filming of the block buster movie "Braveheart." These, and for many other reasons, make Trim a sought-after destination for tourists.

Key Challenges

Amidst the growing environmental challenges, Meath County Council recognised there has never been a more critical time to empower non-technical subject matter experts with innovative data tools and a scalable , secure, data platform to help them meet the following challenges and objectives:

  • Reduce emissions by 51% by 2030
  • Identify a baseline for air quality in the region
  • Enable decision-makers to evidence data driven decisions
  • Evidence council intervention and influence behaviour for the benefit of the community
  • Collect data to inform county wide strategy and for the provision of sustainable solutions in the future

Key Benefits

Meath's data platform is hosted on AWS, and builds upon AWS's Garnet, Smart Territory
Framework. Garnet includes various tools and standardised modules that leverage FIWARE's open-source ecosystem. By using Garnet, the platform is highly scalable, secure, and sensor agnostic. This enables easy integration of sensors from any manufacturer for performance assessment and the introduction of new sensor types.

Resulting in data layers comprised of air quality, traffic flows, harmonised with external data such as anonymised regional health statistics and more. Additionally, rapid scalability ensures the platform's readiness for peak volume periods or wider integration and management for a growing number of IoT assets in the future.
Ingest multiple data sources into a single view to:
  • Remotely monitor sensors and networks
  • Analyse data in real time.
  • Create custom data layers and visualisations
  • Configure alerts and notifications
  • Integrate, automate processes, share data
  • Retain data in region for GDPR compliance

Customer insight

"We utilise Meath's environmental platform to gather and centralise data from sensors throughout Trim, Ireland. Leveraging insights from this data, we can then offer solutions to enhance conditions where necessary and raise awareness of how changes in community behaviour can swiftly yield a positive impact on the local environment."


Anne O’Brien

Community Climate Action Officer, Climate Action Section
Meath County Council


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