Document Translate uses advanced machine learning to translate documents and content, accurately, quickly and at significantly less cost than traditional methods.


What to expect

75 languages

Built on AWS’ continuously growing neural machine translation service.

 Fast  & accurate

Convert documents accurately, reduce your translation times from days down to minutes.

Simple process

Upload, select languages, download. 

All translated documents retain original format and layout.

Open source

No annual license fee, you have control over your solution and data.


100% of the electricity consumed in select AWS region is sourced from renewable energy.

Secure & GDPR compliant

All content resides in your highly secure domain and select geographical region.


Why it matters

Today more than 300 languages are spoken across UK & European cities. 

If organisations can communicate a message that is clear and easy for all citizens to understand, it’s a better citizen experience and helps reduce the confusion that results in complex 1:1 intervention.

The benefits

HIGHLY rated

98% rated positive by from the community.

Fast service

Translations within minutes means you can service your communities fast.

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

On average customers realise ROI in under 4 weeks.

No contract

No long-term obligation or annual license fee.

Open source

Robust developer community driven technology.

Developed in partnership

Developed with public sector for public sector.

Translate deployment and support.

As an AWS Solution Incubator partner, City Trax delivers the following comprehensive services, to facilitate a smooth and effective customer adoption process of Document Translate.

Collaborative approach

City Trax engages in a cooperative method, working closely with the organisation to understand its specific needs, challenges, and desired outcomes related to adopting Document Translate. This collaborative effort ensures alignment and tailoring of solutions.

Translate deployment & testing

We implement and deploy Translate solution within your organisation's infrastructure. This includes rigorous testing to ensure seamless integration and functionality, guaranteeing that the solution operates optimally.

Process development, bespoke documentation, and user manuals

City Trax aids in developing streamlined processes around the use of Document Translate. We create customised documentation and user manuals tailored to the organisation's workflow, making it easier for users to understand and utilise the solution effectively.

User onboarding

The service includes a structured onboarding process for users within the organisation. This ensures that individuals are properly introduced to the solution, familiarising them with its functionalities and ensuring a smooth transition.

Online training sessions (with a focus on best practices)

City Trax conducts online training sessions designed to educate users on the best practices for utilising Translate. These sessions are structured to maximise understanding and proficiency in using the tool effectively.

Ongoing user support

We provide continuous support to users post-implementation. This support includes troubleshooting, addressing queries, and providing guidance to ensure successful ongoing operations.

Continued support for solution adoption

City Trax will maintain support even after the initial adoption phase. This involves monitoring the solution's performance, offering guidance for maximising its potential, and ensuring the organisation continuously benefits from the solution.

case study

How Swindon Council used Translate to cut translation costs by 99.6%.


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