Unleash a world of intelligence while unifying your data and IoT.

A data platform that efficiently consolidates and standardises data from diverse sources into a “single pane of glass” for easy monitoring, analysis, and insight extraction in real time – leading to better informed, data driven decision making.


What to expect

Full remote access

Remotely monitor IoT devices and sensor networks.

Real-time data

Track and analyse data in real-time.

Customisable dashboards

Create custom data layers, visualisations and reports.

Customisable alerts

Configure alerts and notifications.

3rd party integration

Integrate with other systems and applications to automate processes and share data.

Secure and compliant

Ensure GDPR compliance, data never leaves a customer’s designated region.


Why it matters

We understand that today's organisations rely on data for a variety of purposes, from facilitating cross-departmental collaboration and solving critical problems to improving service delivery and achieving net zero obligations. 

However, the proliferation of data in different formats across networks, sensors, cameras, smart devices and other disparate sources makes harnessing and extracting data-driven insights harder than ever.

What technical and non-technical decision makers need is a solution that captures, consolidates and standardises data in all its forms, wherever it resides, for easy management, analysis and insight extraction.  


The benefits

AURENET serves as a foundation for organisations to effectively manage, analyse, and derive value from their data assets, driving innovation and competitive advantage in today's data-centric world.

Centralisation and accessibility

Centralise data storage, making it accessible from a single source. This ensures consistency, reduces redundancy, and facilitates easy access for authorised users across the organisation and beyond.

Data integration and consolidation

Integration of data from disparate sources, allowing for a holistic view of information. This integration can span databases, applications, APIs, and more, providing a comprehensive understanding of data relationships.

Scalability and performance

Designed to handle large volumes of data and scalable, accommodating growth without compromising performance. Utilising technologies that optimize data retrieval, processing, and analysis.

Data quality and governance

Data standardisation, validation, and governance, ensuring data quality and compliance with regulations. To help maintain accuracy and reliability of information.

Analytics and insights

Support for various analytical techniques, like querying, reporting, data visualisation, and advanced analytics (e.g., machine learning, predictive modeling), allowing organisations to derive valuable insights or integrated analytics tools of choice.

Collaboration and sharing

Facilitate collaboration among teams by enabling sharing of data, reports, and insights. Fosters a data-driven culture within the organisation, encouraging informed decision-making at all levels.

Security and compliance

Robust security features to protect sensitive information. Provides user authentication, encryption, access controls, and audit trails to ensure data security and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Operational efficiency and automation

By streamlining data-related processes improve operational efficiency. Automation of tasks like data ingestion, transformation, and reporting reduces manual efforts and potential errors.

Customisation and flexibility

Customisation based on specific business needs. Support for various data types, structures, and workflows, providing flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

Cost efficiency

Delivers long-term cost savings by optimising data management, improving decision-making, and reducing inefficiencies.


Customer insight

"We utilise Meath's environmental platform to gather and centralise data from sensors throughout Trim, Ireland. Leveraging insights from this data, we can then offer solutions to enhance conditions where necessary and raise awareness of how changes in community behaviour can swiftly yield a positive impact on the local environment."


Anne O’Brien

Community Climate Action Officer, Climate Action Section
Meath County Council


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