Garnet Framework

An AWS, open-source, smart territory framework that makes it easier and faster to create interoperable solutions.


What to expect

Breaks down data silos

Enables platform interoperability

Decouples data producers and consumers

Surfaces actionable insights

IoT sensor agnostic

Easy deployment with cost optimisation capabilities.


Why it matters

One of the biggest challenges IoT landscapes face is to break down silos and bring data from different sources into a harmonised single space.

Garnet is a set of tools and standardised modules offered by AWS that can be utilised to build and operate sustainable and effective solutions, in line with global industry standards and based on the open-source FIWARE ecosystem.


The benefits

Utilising Garnet and AWS tools helps customers overcome the challenges of fragmented IoT landscapes, enabling the build of robust, integrated, and efficient solutions that comply with standards while harnessing the benefits of an open-source ecosystem.

Open-source ecosystem

Being based on the open-source our customers benefit from an ecosystem that promotes collaboration, innovation, and flexibility. It allows for leveraging a wide array of resources and expertise.

Efficiency and cohesion

The use of Garnet tools and standardised modules offered by AWS streamlines the process of building and operating solutions. This results in efficient operations and cohesive system architectures.


The solutions built using Garnet are designed to be sustainable, ensuring longevity and adaptability. This sustainability helps in maintaining and evolving the system over time without major disruptions.

Effectiveness and performance

Leveraging Garnet enables the creation of effective solutions that meet industry standards. The solutions are optimised for performance, ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably.

Global standards adherence

By aligning with global industry standards, the solutions developed using Garnet comply with recognised best practices. This adherence ensures compatibility and interoperability within the broader industry landscape.

Scalability and flexibility

The solution architecture supported by Garnet and AWS allows for scalability and flexibility. It accommodates growth, changing needs, and evolving technologies without significant redesign or disruptions.

Cost optimisation

Leveraging standardised modules and tools often leads to cost optimisation. It reduces development time, minimises maintenance efforts, and potentially lowers operational costs in the long run.


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