Case study

A revolutionary translation solution with positive transformative impact.

The challenge

In the Southeast of England, West Berkshire Council, with a population of approximately 162k, includes 7k citizens who speak over a dozen different languages and variants. This accounts for approximately 4% of the West Berkshire population.

To effectively engage with this diverse and growing community, the council required an efficient, cost effective solution.

The solution

Within ten days, City Trax swiftly implemented Document Translate into the council's AWS account, then supported the development of customised workflow processes, reports, and user manuals. The City Trax team went on to seamlessly onboard users, conduct online training, and ensured comprehensive, ongoing, solution support and maintenance.

West Berkshire Council staff can now:

  • Upload documents to their own secure account.

  • Translate documents into 75 languages.

  • Receive accurate translations within minutes.

  • Save money compare to other translation methods.


The benefits

Originally focused on Children and Family Services, West Berkshire’s Document Translate usage excelled, rapidly prompting expansion into other areas. 

Enabling access to machine translation capabilities has significantly reduced effort and approval time across the council’s processes. Within less than four weeks, West Berkshire’s ROI was realised in addition, £38k in savings over a 9-month period. 


in savings within 9-months

10 minute

translation time down from 3 days

4 weeks

return on investment (ROI) realised


Customer insight

"Our implementation and embedding of Document Translate was effortless. In addition, the engagement with City Trax ensured rapid deployment and staff engagement, making the end-to-end process seamless."

Dave Wraight

Head of Children and Family Services
West Berkshire Council


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